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The Maritime Splendour of Porto Arabia

The ingenious design  of Porto Arabia re-creates the glamorous character of the French Riviera. With its striking Islamic features - elegant horseshoe arches, filigreed walls and Islamic artwork, Porto Arabia offers one of the most comfortable living experiences in the Middle East.

The key feature of this most picturesque district, which will eventually become a thriving community of 12,000 residents, is its superb, award-winning, world-class marina, the largest of three marina’s within The Pearl-Qatar.  In the centre of the marina, on a lush island linked by a causeway, will be situated the spectacular Four Seasons Resort.

Overlooking the marina and gently encircling, are 31 luxury residential towers; each of these towers offer a choice of one-to-four bedroom apartment units, as well as an exclusive luxury penthouse which boasts sweeping views of the gleaming yachts below and the rapidly rising skyline of Doha in the distance.

Set below these elegant luxury towers are handsome townhouses and low-rise terrace homes, - all inspired by traditional Mediterranean architecture, with a subtle taste of French, Spanish and Italian architectural influence.  Here, the ambiance is similar to that found in the South of France, where the essence of Old World grace and craftsmanship have been marvelously melded with all the advantages of what modern living offers. Porto Arabia also hostsThe Pearl-Qatar’s largest retail community, offering a wide variety of international signature fashion boutiques and shops.

A main feature of Porto Arabia, and what makes this district so special, is its splendid pedestrian-only promenade. This elegant esplanade is one of the longest seaside promenades in the world.  Classic architectural details are found everywhere, even beneath your feet - glance down and you will see an intriguing geometric design created through the use of nearly a dozen different types of granite. 

Porto Arabia is not only beautiful to behold,  its broad waterside promenade is home to an intriguing selection of  celebrated shops and  boutiques, as well as stylish cafes and chic world class restaurants, offering the finest in Lebanese, Japanese,  Chinese and Western cuisines.

Along the perimeter of this esplanade, bobbing gently in the blue waters, are hundreds of recreational boats and luxurious yachts.  Here the cooling trade winds blow and sea gulls fly high overhead.
At night, when the sun sets, Porto Arabia truly comes into its own, filled with the happy banter of families and friends dining between the starry sky above and the twinkling under-water lights of the marina.
Porto Arabia will be home to the trendy Nikki Beach resort, and a collection of uniquely styled beach bungalows. This is the lively night-time hub of The Pearl-Qatar, offering a wide range of late night venues, including Jazz clubs and lively cabarets.

Truly, Porto Arabia is a magical place to live, to shop, to dine, and to entertain family and friends.  And perhaps the best aspect of Porto Arabia is that all of its wonderful amenities are literally only a few footsteps from your own front door.

A Perfect Choice for Families -- Viva Bahriya

Blissfully serene Viva Bahriya has been specifically designed with families in mind -- those who seek a more serene lifestyle and authentic beachfront living.

As with Porto Arabia, Viva Bahriya boasts a grand promenade.   However, the extensive landscaped boardwalk fronts a sweeping circular beach which stretches before you for more than a mile.  Handsome Moroccan-styled town houses line the soft white sands, and residents can easily take advantage of a full range of water sports, dine in nautically-themed restaurants, park their boats in an exclusive marina, and enjoy stylish private beach clubs.

Rising above and behind the townhouses are 28 Maghreb-inspired luxury towers, offering one to three bedroom units. Each of these towers is topped by a luxury penthouse with panoramic views across the whole of Viva Bahriya. Viva Bahriya features five private beach clubs, each offering pools, European-style cabanas, and a full range of water sports. Some clubs will be for adults only, others specifically dedicated to families and children; and still others are designed especially for avid sports lovers. 
Situated at the waterway entrance of the marina, where Viva Bahriya opens on to the sea, will be a yacht club and a multi-performance hall, complete with an opera house, inspired by the celebrated Sydney Opera House.

The Tropical Charm of Costa Malaz

The beguiling charm of Costa Malaz is that of the classic tropical island which we’ve all dreamed about. However,  Costa Malaz is no mere dream.  It is a genuine escape from the stress and strains of everyday life.  Just above its sweeping beach are grand parcels reserved for luxury villas. These estates will provide both privacy and seclusion, each with direct access to the beach.  Costa Malaz has its own dedicated marina offering over a hundred berths, and a lavish resort hotel and spa on the island of Marsa Malaz, in the centre of Costa Malaz’s lagoon.

The Pearl Qatar’s ‘Town Centre’ -- Medina Centrale

Situated midway between Porto Arabia and Viva Bahriya, the low-rise district of Medina Centrale is the vibrant town centre and convenient commercial centre of The Pearl-Qatar; here residents will find banks, health clinics, and a hyper-market, plus a wide choice of casual mid-range retail outlets and family-style restaurants.

A true urban centre,  Medina Centrale has been designed around a traditional town square, where residents and their guests come together to enjoy the shopping, and dining experience,  or simply gather  to meet with friends in one of the many lush gardens or  sun-dappled  plazas. There will also be low-rise Mediterranean-style residential apartments, and a multiplex cinema complex offering a dozen theatres.

The Essence of Italian Romance --- Qanat Quartier

Inspired by the acclaimed architectural beauty of Venice, the ambiance of Qanat Quartier is romantic, Italian, and fashionable. The stylish low-rise apartments overlook picturesque canals and quaint pedestrian-only piazzas.  Qanat Quartier also hosts a wide range of retail outlets, as well as art galleries and specialist auction houses, and two boutique hotels. A dedicated business hotel, attracting top-tier corporate travellers, will offer ultra-personalised business services. The other hotel will be an exclusive marine resort, complete with luxurious overwater bungalows, and its own unique marina, exclusively designed to handle sailboats and sailing yachts.

Abraj Quartier

Situated at the gateway to The Pearl-Qatar, Abraj Quartier is home to the tallest residential towers at The Pearl-Qatar.  The seven towers  offer one to three-bedroom apartment units, all with breath-taking views of the lush surrounding landscapes, as well as sweeping vistas of the private beach below, and the lights of Doha.

Abraj Quartier features handsome low-rise town homes of two and four bedroom units, giving residents easy access to the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf.  For the especially energetic residents, there are facilities such as tennis courts and water sports activities.

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